-for my friend @chanel-orange and anybody who thinks goku can beat naruto

1. I’m a huge DBZ fan. I’ve watched pretty much every DBZ episode aside from the GT episodes. it is definately in the top of my favorite animes. I realize that goku is a beast (no doubt about that) but there are certain…

Where are you getting your statistics from? Is that based on factual evidence? And if so, please link me to where you gathered your information from. Naruto has better stamina than goku? That’s insane. Goku ran along the snake way which is 600,000 miles. Goku has also trained in the hyperbolic time chamber. His abilities are far beyond narutos. For instance, if goku was to train for 20 weeks in the chamber, that would be more training than naruto has done in his life. And as for villians, these villians have wreaked havoc, killing thousands upon thousands of people as well as destroying entire planets with ease. Just because goku killed them with ease at times, doesn’t mean that they didn’t wreak havoc across the universe.

You also talked about being able to control elements and stuff. Why would a super powered saiyan with the ability to wipe out entire civilizations want to control elements? It’s not useful. In DBZ they also have mental abilities. They don’t need the rinnegan or sharingan to use certain skill either. Goku has the ability to move objects with his mind, he can read another persons mind by touching their heads, he can also sense another persons power level by simply looking at them. And what use would puppets have against beings like saibamen or cell jrs? Keep in mind that these two things are insanely powerful despite their sizes. In addition, goku doesn’t need to summon creatures when he can defeat his enemies by himself. Goku can also turn his great ape into a more powerful being, the golden great ape. This form is also able to use mouth blasts, flight, and supersonic rush attacks.

You seem to have brushed off the fact that Goku’s fusions spike his powers up to a tremendous level. The Big Bang Kamehameha would wipe out everyone in naruto and i’m not even kidding. And as for energy attacks, goku’s spirit bomb would instantly kill naruto (in any form)
The spirit bomb uses energy from the entire universe to aid goku. Thats something naruto could only dream of..

Sorry man, you lose.